Gourmet Grocery Products: Fresh, Local, and Unique

Explore our diverse range of locally sourced gourmet groceries, perfect for enhancing your meals. From Lancaster BBQ Sauce and local eggs to premium Yukon Gold potatoes and extra old cheddar cheese, our selection ensures quality and flavor in every meal.

Our grocery collection also includes specialty items like FQ BBQ Spice Rub, Smile Tiger Ground Coffee, and unique condiments such as kosher salt and Caplansky's mustard. Whether you're looking for everyday essentials or unique flavors, ForeQuarter Butcher Shop has you covered.

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  • Beef

    At ForeQuarter Butcher Shop, our commitment to quality starts with our Ontario-raised... 

  • Chicken

    At ForeQuarter Butcher Shop, we prioritize quality in every product, starting with... 

  • Pork

    No Hormones, No Antibiotics. Ontario-raised.  

  • Sausage

    Made in house, Gluten free, No Hormones, No Antibiotics. Ontario-raised. Pork casings... 

  • Gift Cards

      The ForeQuarter Butcher Shop Gift Card, offering access to premium cuts... 

  • Grocery

    Quality local goods to add to your pantry. 

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